imagem de fundo imagem de fundo

You will have a unique T-SHIRT on the planet but, more than that, mas, mais do que isso, it'll tell you all about yourself, including your "stickman culture" attitude, that makes you belong to a group also unique and special.

customization example

Know how to customize

Ele gosta de desporto

example of a customized tee: a phrase with humanoids around

Ela toca Piano

our figures on a piano keyboard

Ele foi deixado

fantasy: a broken heart with figures inside and around

Ela gosta de Matemática

numbers and stickmen all mixed

You will be part of the team; We'll talk about what you want and we'll ask you all the questions until we fully understand your purpose.

We can call you by video call, or you can start by writing a text explaining what you want. If you have any drawings of your own that you want to see involved on the "stickman culture" spirit, send it to us, or mak a sketch of what you want, or ask us an idea. We will always make a rough draft before the final product. It is really a team work.

Do it today. The work can take 24 hours, depending on other orders in progress, but all this will be clarified in the act of ordering. Payment will be made in two phases: 10% signal and 90% delivery.

drawing: stickmen guitar land